Desert celebration: a 9-day trek in the hidden Negev December 23rd – 31st 2016 Explore a remote part of the Israeli Negev desert over a nine-day guided trek in a beautiful part of the Negev. Hiking across the Negev, in the region of the Menukha and Kipa ridges, and the Paran and Ashosh wadis, you […]

Trek in Jordan:  discovering the Edom Desert December 31st 2015-Jan 3rd 2016 The Edom desert is the southern part of Jordan, and includes Petra, the capital of the Nabataeans. This trek explores a region of the southern part of the Edom desert, between Petra in the North and Wadi Rum in the south. It starts […]

Desert hiking at its best: an 8-day trek in the hidden Negev December 7th – 14th 2015 Discover the hidden gems of the Israeli Negev desert over a week-long trek in a more remote but spectacular part of the Negev.   You will see breathtaking landscapes, fascinating rock formations, hidden water pools, deep gorges, ancient cisterns […]

Trekking in Jordan:  Wadi Rum, Petra and the Moab Canyons April 22nd-29th 2015 An 8-day trek across some of the most spectacular sites in Jordan, from Wadi Rum in the south to the Moab canyons, north of Petra.  The first day will start with a hike in Wadi Rum, the red desert of southern Jordan […]

Trekking in Jordan:  Petra and the Edom Desert December 11th-18th 2013 The Edom desert, which includes Petra, the capital of the Nabataeans, is the southern part of Jordan. This trek starts with a two-day visit of the splendid city of Petra, followed by 5 days exploring the Edom desert, one of the most beautiful deserts […]

A Guided Trek along the Israel National Trail November 27th – December 7th 2013 Discover the Negev desert at its best: – The three Makhteshim (“craters”) – The canyons of Yemin, Hatira, Aqev, Hava, Barak and Vardit – The East Ramon Trek The Israel National Trail (INT) crosses the country from the Israeli northern border […]