The Negev: trekking the Israel National Trail. Nov 27th – Dec 7th 2013

133A Guided Trek along the Israel National Trail
November 27th – December 7th 2013

Discover the Negev desert at its best:
– The three Makhteshim (“craters”)
– The canyons of Yemin, Hatira, Aqev, Hava, Barak and Vardit
– The East Ramon Trek

The Israel National Trail (INT) crosses the country from the Israeli northern border with Lebanon, to the southern one with Egypt. It is over 940 kilometers long and goes through a variety of landscapes.

This eleven-day trek covers the most remote and most attractive section of the trail, in the Negev desert: from the small Makhtesh to the Vardit Gorge.

Participants can choose to hike the whole section, or just hike a part of it, for one day or more.

A vehicle will transfer our gear between the campsites, so you only need to carry a day pack. A field-gourmet dinner will be prepared by the logistics team and will be ready for us when we arrive at the end of the day’s hike.

We will camp outdoors, but it is also possible to stay in a room in a country lodge for an additional cost. We will make the reservation and provide transportation to the room after dinner, and back in the morning. Participants who join for the full trek will enjoy one night in a hotel room, with a decent shower, on the sixth night.

75$ per day
60$ per day, if you choose to participate 3 days or more.
700$ for the full 11-day trek

November 27th: Metzad Tamar and Small Makhtesh.
28th: Yemin and Hatira canyons.
29th: Mt. Karbolet and Wadi Afran.
30th: Ein Aqev, Ein Ziq.
December 1st: Wadi Hava.
2nd: ramon Cliffs to Mitzpe Ramon.
3rd: Crossing Ramon Makhtesh to Wadi Gvanim.
4th: Karbolet Harerim to Gev Geled (Holit).
5th: Wadi Tzvira and Eshborn to Sapir.
6th: Tzofar to Barak campsite.
7th: Wadi Baraq and Vardit, ending at Zihor junction.

 - Passport, Health insurance
 - Water bottles to carry up to 4.5 litres of water
 - Hat, hiking shoes, sandals for the evening
 - Comfortable day pack
 - Good sleeping bag, sleeping pad, tent
 - Warm clothes for the evening
 - Towel and toiletries
 - Toilet paper and matches
 - Flashlight and extra batteries
 - Sunscreen
 - Insect repellent
 - Personal first aid and medications, spare glasses
 - Snacks
 - Plate, soup bowl, spoon, fork, knife

To join this hike, or for more information about the hike, contact me :


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