Jordan: Petra and the Edom Desert. Dec 11th – 18th 2013

560Trekking in Jordan:  Petra and the Edom Desert
December 11th-18th 2013

The Edom desert, which includes Petra, the capital of the Nabataeans, is the southern part of Jordan. This trek starts with a two-day visit of the splendid city of Petra, followed by 5 days exploring the Edom desert, one of the most beautiful deserts in the world.

It is also possible to join the trek directly on the third day, at Taybeh and not visit Petra.

Price is dependent on the number of participants.
For the complete trek, with 10 participants, the price is: 800 euros.
This includes the entrance to Petra and all local transfers, but does not include the airfare.

petra 11th:Landing in Amman, Jordan, or crossing into Jordan from Eilat, and transfer to Petra. Overnight in a hotel in the city of Petra.
12th: Full day tour of Petra
13th: Another day in Petra. This will be a shorter day in Petra before the transfer to Taybeh.
From this night on, we will camp outdoors.
14th: Hiking the canyon of Wadi Taybeh (Tibn), Ein Raqi, Wadi Sadeh to Ein Sadeh.
edom115th: Wadi Hurma, the Dark Gorge, Wadi el Qa, Jabel Masuda.
16th: Wadi Mishaza, Ras Attud, Ein Mishaza.
17th: Wadi Quseib, Ein quseib.
18th: The canyon of colors and the stone pillar, transfer to Eilat or Amman.

To join this hike, or for more information about the hike, contact me :


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