Jordan: across southern Edom. Dec 31 2015 – Jan 3rd 2016

742Trek in Jordan:  discovering the Edom Desert
December 31st 2015-Jan 3rd 2016

The Edom desert is the southern part of Jordan, and includes Petra, the capital of the Nabataeans. This trek explores a region of the southern part of the Edom desert, between Petra in the North and Wadi Rum in the south. It starts at old Humeima and ends at Wadi Siq, after 4 days of trekking through one of the most beautiful deserts in the world.

Old Humeima, the ancient Nabatean city of Hawara, once a small trading post and caravan way-station, was founded by the Nabatean King Aretas III in the 80s B.C. for the local nomadic Nabatean pastoralists to settle. The Nabateans’ deep understanding of the natural flow of water in their surrounding allowed them to build an impressive water management system, which can partly be seen today at Humeima.

It is also possible to extend this trek to cover a full week in Jordan.691

Please contact me directly for the price. It does not include airfare.
It does include:

  • a professional certified guide
  • border crossing fees
  • all meals
  • local transfers in Jordan
  • all logistics between campsites


To join this hike, or for more information about the hike, contact me :


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