Happy as a clam, on the edge of Makhtesh Ramon, Israel

I’m Caroline, a nature-lover, a hiker, a rower and a cyclist.  And most of all I like to share these experiences.

Trekking through deserts and wilderness, sleeping under the immensity of a starry sky, and leaving behind the daily concerns of city-life brings one back to what is essential in life. It is an invaluable experience. And it’s fun !

After calling northern California my home for 15 years, and exploring as much of it as possible, spending countless long weekends backpacking across the different mountains and regional parks, I moved back to Europe, to Paris in 2001. In 2013, after 12 years living in Paris, and craving the great outdoors that I had so taken for granted back in California, I had the opportunity to trek in the desert of Israel and the magical canyons of Jordan. Led by an experienced guide, who has been guiding and hiking in the deserts and Jordan for over 20 years, I discovered by foot, and over several days, the most beautiful and unique landscapes. Followed several more treks: 11 days along the Israel national trail, then in the Rajef in Jordan, and in the Sinai around the Saint Catherine area.

Enchanted by these journeys, I wish to share them with others who love nature, have a passion for hiking and wish to explore this part of the world.

That is my goal today: offer the opportunity to others to join one of these treks to the wonders of Israel or Jordan, organised with the same local guide.

Hope to see you soon on a trail !

“I have always loved the desert. One sits down on a desert sand dune, sees nothing, hears nothing. Yet through the silence something throbs, and gleams...”
- Antoine de Saint-Exupéry, The Little Prince


  1. Vivienne Vermes · · Reply

    I have been on four hikes with Caroline as guide over the past few months, in the Ile de France area around Paris. Although I’ve lived in the French capital for more than 30 years, I have discovered places I never knew existed.
    Each hike brought its own unique delights – whether walking by the brilliant green of a canal near La Ferté Milon, or sitting under a canopy of vines at a delightful restaurant under the walls of a 13th century ruined castle, or picnicking in the exact spot where Sisley painted his own “déjeuner sur l’herbe” near Moret-sur-Loing, or exploring the medieval church in Racine’s village.
    Caroline brings with her a cornucopia of skills – always calm and full of humour, she creates an atmosphere of complete confidence and trust within a group, and as for her cooking. . . well, we all ended up dreaming of some of her dishes!
    An AB FAB experience – magic moments A SAVOURER.

  2. Tom O'Brien · · Reply

    I’ve been on the wonderful hikes which Vivienne mentions above -except for one, alas, which I had to miss – and I would echo her words of praise for Caroline to the very last syllable! I too am a long term resident of Paris who, until I had the good fortune to meet Caroline, was more or less totally ignorant of the delights on my own doorstep. Our guide has an almost miraculous knowledge of the cultural and scenic richness and magic which lie within an hour’s train-ride, or less, from one of any of the city’s main stations. Whether she’s pointing out a footbridge designed by Eiffel, the church where La Fontaine was married or, with the sureness of a born pathfinder, taking us urbanites through the forest to that sunlit clearing by a lake where she tops the the pleasure of her company, if that were possible, by her delicious contributions to the picnic menu… it’s all done with warmth, humour, gentleness and the kind of effortless familarity with her surroundings – she can name a wildflower or decypher stained glass windows with equal ease – that makes guiding in her hands more than a job, more even than a vocation…. artist is the word that comes to mind. Once again, thank you, Caroline!! .

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